I doubt the fact that love lives in all.
16. Stockholm, swedish. Studying photo. Loves writing. Trying pathetically to be poetic. Loves thinspo, music, nature & cigarettes.

This is two of my best friends.
Today they have been together for one year. This is one of the first pictures i took of them together, and I think that it’s one of my favorites too. I’ve gotten the opportunity to be with them almost every day. And because I am with them so very often, I really can say that they are like the best couple I’ve ever met. I love them both extremely much, and I hope it will stay this way for ever, or at least a veryveryvery long time.
Congrats my darlings, kisses your Louise.

My best friend is best.That is true, we have our 1 year anniversary today. Celebration = hot wings & bowling.Best relationship ever.

So, people are actually starting to both reblog, like and follow me.

“Otherwise truth… boom.”


Oh. My. God. Alice, would you like marry me, perhaps
The cutest person living on earth. And probably the cutest lifeform in the universe too.

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